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Enjoy these cleverly written and beautifully illustrated books with a unique special message for young children.

Little Red Ant Books

Antiline's Brave Adventure

Did You Know that your relatives may have been very brave like Antiline and traveled long distances to find freedom? Many people from around the world have an unhappy life in their country and want to find a better home. Antiline’s search for freedom represents their long journey and the many obstacles they overcame. Enjoy the colorful hand-painted illustrations by two friends who collaborated to bring this wonderful story to life with its message that relates to any family. Follow along on her trip and enjoy the play on ANT words as she discovers her way.

Antiline's True Discovery

Everyone has a story about themselves and family so Antiline wanted to find out more about hers. She went to the ANTcestry and discovered her family history but in the process realized that everyone has a story and learning more about your own and others is the best and quickest way to understand and connect with others. Learn how she did this while enjoying the beautiful watercolor illustrations and the amusing play on the word ANT.

Antiline's Community Circle

Now any group or child can create their own Community Circle the way Antiline did. Follow easy how-to steps and lots of creative ideas from Antiline’s friend Toler-Ant as he explains how a Community Circle is a gathering of friends and neighbors where everyone is welcome and everyone listens to each others’ stories. It’s a safe place where children can meet, and friendships can start. Everyone can belong. Everyone is heard. Everyone has fun!

Brave Adventure
True Discovery
Community Circle


Top reviews of Antiline’s Brave Adventure

A beautifully illustrated children’s book with a deeper meaning in it! 
This is an amazing story of finding a better life through courage and determination through the vividly humanized ant characters. It contains more than 30 pages of beautiful illustrations that go really well with the story. The author not only successfully plays with so many words that end with “-Ant”, such as Serv-Ant, Arrog-Ant, Tyr-Ant, Import-Ant, and Brilli-Ant, but also manages to make the sentences rhyme like you are reading one of Dr. Seuss’s children’s books. I laughed at how clever it was written. Antiline’s Brave Adventure will be an excellent choice for early readers and super fun for parents to read it to their young kids. I am entertained, inspired and so will the kids.



Beautiful illustrations, wonderful story.

I received this book as a gift. I loved it so much I felt that I had to write a review! This is a beautifully illustrated book with a compelling story. The character’s journey through the book is compelling and the ending is satisfying. I recommend this book for young and young at heart.



Fantastic book

I ordered this book to keep at my house and read to my grandchildren when they visit. I read it with my 9-year-old grandson today and we both loved it. He asked some questions about where my grandparents were born, and I told him the family stories I had grown up hearing and we had a great discussion. I am looking forward to reading it to the rest of my grandchildren who range between 5 and 12. I think it is appropriate for any age!!!


Brilliant story that ties "Ant" pronunciation to different words to help a reader read!

The story is about a little ant who wants to fit in and belong to a colony of ants that understands her. The use of the word "ant" was used multiple times to express words and pronunciation for young readers to work through harder words. The story also utilized the word ant to express the different types of jobs that the world offers an individual. It was a creative and well-thought-out and easy to read and understand.



Top reviews of Antiline’s True Discovery


Heart-warming, enjoyable tale

A lovely tale of self-discovery, finding one’s roots, and understanding your place in the wider world. A wonderful follow-up to the first book and a worthy read.

Second Wonderful Book in the Antiline Series

Antiline s adventures continue in this second book as she goes on a trip to discover her ancestors. My kids loved the first book that brought Antiline to America. This second book teaches kids how it is so important to know about your family history and to have roots. The illustrations are wonderful and my children loved all the bright colors of the flowers, and the toadstools as the ant colony told each other stories about their own backgrounds. This follow up to Antiline's Brave Adventure is a must-read for children.

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