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Fundraising for a cause


Little Red Ant Books are available directly through the author at a reduced cost for fundraising for your group. Donations are also considered for groups promoting the Little Red Ant cause. Send an email directly to with the title FUNDRAISING and please outline your purpose for the request.




Recent Meet and Greets

The author/illustrator is available for local meet and greets in the Central MA are or by Zoom anywhere!

Meet the author at Tatnuck Bookseller in August 2021

Little Red Ant Books are now available for purchase at the store.


Meet the author at Tatnuck Bookseller in February 2020

Fern Nissim booksigning at Tatnuck Booksellers, Westborough 2.jpg

Storytime and activities at Boylston Public Library Oct 2019


Meet the Author at Tidepool Bookshop summer 2022

Tidepool 2.jpg

Sue Fleishman 2019 presentation at Brookdale Senior Living, Attleboro MA


Workshop at Tidepool Book store.jpg

Sue Fleishman presenting art ideas at the Creative Workshop at Tidepool Bookshop.

For more information on our interactive workshops on how to help kids create their own picture book please go to...

New: Children’s Creative Workshops Now available online or in person.

AuthorArtist Fern Nissim demonstrates ideas to help kids create their own story books at T

AuthorArtist Fern Nissim demonstrates ideas to help kids create their own story books at Tidepool Bookshop in October 2022

Now Children Can Create their Very Own Picture Books 
Little Red Ant Books is pleased to offer workshops for kids 7-11 years old. The program is presented live or by Zoom by authors/illustrators Fern Nissim and Sue Fleishman, publishers of the Little Red Ant Books series. (


Kids will learn how to develop their main character and storyline in the first session. On the second one, they will have a chance to learn the concept of sketching and storyboarding their ideas into an actual book format. 

“We are so excited to present these workshops to children,” said Fern Nissim. “Our hope is that this will be an introduction to picture book development and creation for our future authors.”

Children need not have a concept or story in mind to attend. The intent is to motivate them to start the creative process in thinking and drawing their own book.

(Class sizes are limited and a reservation is required for each class)
About the presenters:

Fern Davis Nissim
Sue Fleishman
To request more information please click contact.

See what the owner of the bookshop says about the Creative Workshop

Artist Sue Fleishman presents ideas on moving characters through the story at Tidepool Boo

Artist Sue Fleishman presents ideas on moving characters through the story at Tidepool Bookshop

“The two-session workshop on Creating a Picture Book that Fern Nissim, author of the Antiline series, held at our bookstore was fabulous! With the aid of her simple yet effective storyboard technique, during the first 1½ hour class the group of 7-11 year-olds developed their story-lines and main characters, and went home with an outline. When they gathered again the following week, artist Sue Fleishman, co-illustrator of Fern’s Antiline books, came as well, and the children learned how to make their characters move through their story with consistency, expression, and gestures. At the end of the workshop, each child went home with a finished book, and each was beaming … and proud. What struck me most about the workshop was that the children worked on their books at home between the first and second sessions.  Fern had not assigned them to do any additional work, but the kids had been so inspired during the first session that they continued writing at home. One parent said his son sat right down to work on his story as soon as he got home from the first Saturday morning session, and he kept at it every free minute throughout the week. Pretty awesome!”    
Joe Truesdell, owner Tidepool Bookshop, Worcester MA,

Storytime Videos

Enjoy these stories read by Author Fern Nissim
Brought to you by


HartsLight Kids™ READ ALOUD STORYTIME with Ms. Fern Nissim "Antiline's Brave Adventure"


HartsLight Kids™ READ ALOUD STORYTIME with Ms. Fern Nissim "Antiline's True Discovery"


HartsLight Kids™ READ ALOUD STORYTIME with Ms. Fern Nissim "Antiline's Community Circle"

A Peek of Upcoming Activities and Events

School activities at Inner City School in Boston

A class of first grade students at the William Monroe Trotta k-6 school in Dorchester MA are creating their own paper puppets and plays to demonstrate the journey of Antiline from the first book, Antiline’s Brave Adventure. They are each writing their own story with songs and poems. Once they complete their research, they will make a separate puppet that represents who they are and write a new story telling Antiline about their “True Discovery.” as she did in the second book in the series.

“The students think these books are pretty amazing and absolutely love them!!”
  Quote from teacher/drama specialist, Julie White, at the William Monroe Trotta Elementary School, creator of the Antiline Puppet program.

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