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Meet the authors at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough on August 14, 2021

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Publish New Book for Young Children on Importance of Diversity and Tolerance

When Fern Nissim of Shrewsbury published her first children’s book, Antiline’s Brave Adventure about a brave little ant searching for her freedom, she had no idea what direction the second book in the Little Red Ant Book series would go. Tatnuck Bookseller helped launch the first publication with a “meet the author” event last year before the Covid pandemic. “By the time I sat down to write the script,” said Ms. Nissim, “It was pretty apparent that my storyline should develop into a message for young kids that would help promote tolerance and connectivity through acceptance of others and themselves. Everyone has a story and I felt I needed to help support this important message by giving teachers and parents a conversation starter.” Antiline’s True Discovery promotes discussions with young children on the important basic skill of just listening and learning about others and accepting themselves and others for their differences. The character illustrations and colorful backgrounds were all originally created, and hand-painted in watercolor by Ms. Nissim and fellow artist Sue Fleishman from Marlborough. The two artists had collaborated on the first book bringing a storyline to life that was originally written by Fern’s dad in 1977. “When I first began this project it was for the purpose of fulfilling a promise I made to my dad decades ago to illustrate and publish his book, now the Little Red Ant Books have evolved into a different purpose, to inspire and promote the importance of discovering diversity and tolerance for young children just by listening and learning from each other.” Fern Nissim, a resident of Shrewsbury, hand painted all the botanical garden backgrounds. Sue Fleishman of Marlborough hand-painted the little characters and together they collaborated to bring the adventure to life.

Fern and Sue will be at Tatnuck Booksellers, Route 9 & Lyman St. Westborough on Saturday afternoon August 14, 2021 from 1.00 to 3.00. There will be a reading of the books and some fun interactive crafts and adventures for little participants.

The Little Red Ant Books Antiline’s Brave Adventure and Antiline’s True Discovery are available directly through the author at or at Tatnuck’s on August 14.

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